Year: 1985
Country: USA
Genre: Boy / Girl, Girl / Girl
Length: 1:27:33

Director: Jerome Tanner

Not a year goes by without some adult film producers giving lip service to heaven or hell. There's plenty of fornication in both. This one begins with a ten-minute cloudy view of Tracy, played by Gina Valentino, enjoying the cock of Tom, a bearded gentleman saint. She convinces Tom that he must be a mistaken and Saint Tom gives her a second chance. If she repeats her mistakes, she goes to hell. Gina's mistakes are mostly incest since she sleeps with her mother Heather Wayne. Her brother Marc Wallice goes into such a wild act of self pity when he learns Gina is marrying Tom Byron that he hangs himself! Before he's even buried, her cousin Traci Lords, who hates Gina, arrives at the big pre-wedding party and puts Spanish Fly in Gina's champagne. The tape ends in a wild horror scene. Tom and three other guys arrive in Gina's bedroom and hear her scream, "Oh my God, I'm on fire. Help me put it out!" The four assuage her itchy vagina. You've never watched a sexvid with such histrionics. Incidentally Traci Lords only has a minor part


Christy Canyon
Gina Valentino [Anal Facial]
Heather Wayne [NonSex]
Jacqueline Lorians
Jade Nichols [NonSex]
Mo Twilly [NonSex]
Rikki Blake
Traci Lords


Blake Palmer [NonSex]
Dan T. Mann
Jack Baker [NonSex]
Marc Wallice
Nick Niter
Tom Byron
Tony Martino

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Gina Valentino
Scene 2. Gina Valentino, Nick Niter
Scene 3. Gina Valentino, Marc Wallice
Scene 4. Gina Valentino, Jacqueline Lorians
Scene 5. Rikki Blake, Marc Wallice
Scene 6. Jacqueline Lorians, Marc Wallice
Scene 7. Christy Canyon, Traci Lords
Scene 8. Christy Canyon, Traci Lords, Tom Byron
Scene 9. Gina Valentino
Scene 10. Gina Valentino, Nick Niter
Scene 11. Gina Valentino, Tom Byron
Scene 12. Gina Valentino, Tony Martino
Scene 13. Gina Valentino, Dan T. Mann
Scene 14. Gina Valentino
Scene 15. Jacqueline Lorians, Marc Wallice